Name: Dilan

Age: 17

Gender: Male


Guild: Kao o Kaeru

Guild mark: On his left thigh. It's red.

Magic Type: Gun magic

Rank: Not Applicable


Alright. So, this guy right here, Dilan? He's seen shit. His parents died, he didn't really care to be honest, shit happened. He was driven into poverty, and he saw a certain light. That light was Kao o Kaeru, or whatever the fuck it's called. He learned magic concerning firearms, (which have always interested him,) just so that these fuckers would accept him with open arms. He has no qualms against all the bad things that he's ordered to do, as long as he gets his cash flow coming in at the end of the day. He's had a very specific style of magic concerning his weapon, and to be quite frank, it's due to the fact that he just doesn't like seeing things die up close. Time passed, and he still works for them. Yeah. Not much to say.

Sally. Big Bess. The Big Lame. The Giant Lebowski. These are all names that he's given out to rifles that he's passed by, and switched away for something better. In the current moment, he fucked up while charging up his brand-new rifle, breaking it the moment he fired. He's had to scrap together all of the ones he's ever had and decomissioned just to fix it, but hey, he still loves his "Maggie Mae" rifle, and he's pretty reluctant to switch it away for a rifle with new parts. He's usually just gotten the scrap guns from dead fighters, to be completely honest. 

Magic AttacksEdit

LongShot -- The user of this magic takes his time to set up a shot. To be able to use this specific spell, the target must not be in the users acceptable line-of-sight. It has literally no chance of hitting, unless someone with information, (A spotter), could read out coordinates. In which case, this spell is extremely lethal, and almost guaranteed to hit.

SkeeDaddle! -- This spell is literally just the sorcerer pointing their gun in one direction, firing it, and being launched the opposite way.

LongShot Elemental -- Taking about fifteen minutes of work, the user can prepare their Longshot with an elemental magic.

  • Fire
  • Ice
  • Lightning
  • Earth